Center for Talent Development

Homework Policy & Book Lending at CTD

Posted 08/28/2019

The teachers and staff at CTD are so excited for the 2019-2020 school year! 

To ensure that all CTD students are successful, CTD’s schoolwide homework policy for all students is to read each night. This is in lieu of what we would consider more traditional homework, like completing worksheets. We recognize the impact of traditional homework on students and parents alike, and hope to foster a love of reading both in and outside of the classroom.

Please consider setting aside a time and space in your home to make reading a family affair, one in which everyone in that space is engaged in reading.  This could include reading aloud to your children, reading side-by-side as they read aloud or in their heads while you look on, or simply reading by yourself in the same space as them.  Make this time special, and consider when it works best for your family. (We know that our students are engaged in sports and after school activities, or just need to get out and play right after school!)

To ensure all students have access to books to read at home, we will have a “Leave a Book, Take a Book” space just to the left of the main lobby.  Please consider looking at the books together with your child, borrowing them for home, and then returning them so someone else can do the same.