Center for Talent Development

Remote Learning Day update

Posted 10/26/2020

Morning All,

Looks like this roller coaster of a year called 2020 wont stop! Late last night the district decided to run a remote learning day due to the inclement weather. After working with the staff well into the night and early into this morning we determined that our best course of action was just to give all of our students a snow day regardless of their virtual or in-person status. There are 2 key reason why chose to make this decision.

# 1 Logistics: A large group of our teachers choose for variety of reasons (better internet speed/reliability, easier access to teaching materials, etc) to teach from the building even when teaching remote. About half of our student population chose to return to in-person learning and their devices are at school. With that said and the inclement weather before us we decided it would be best to have both of our students and staff off the roads and out of the cold weather.

# 2 Equity: We also determined that it wouldn’t be equitable for only half of our students with access to tech to have lessons and learning move on when their peers without tech do not have a chance to participate in that learning as well. In addition our teachers put a lot of time and effort into planning and delivering our Talent Development model daily. Our teaching and learning approach and unique teaching set up each grade level has cannot be easily adjusted from virtual to remote at the drop of a dime.

I know that this situation is not ideal but we appreciate your flexibility and understanding. We should be back on track with everything on Tues. Please be on the look out for communication from the school and/or district with updates related to the weather or just Covid in general since we seem to be at the start of what looks to be a 3rd wave across CO and the nation. 

Hopefully students will still be able to appreciate the joy of a traditional snow day in unconventional times. Stay warm and safe!

-Mr. Reynolds